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Jessica G.
"Credit Sesame alerted me of what to take care of first and how to prioritize my medical debt. After I paid down all my bills, my score improved. I know I can buy a house and take care of my kids now."
Daniel O.
"I was never taught to manage a budget or avoid debt. I learned the hard way. Credit Sesame’s tools helped me get my credit ready for a loan. I was approved for the loan and paid off all my credit card debt, and my score went up."
David H.
"Checking my score has become part of my lifestyle - I use the Credit Sesame app on a weekly basis. It’s like having an assistant that keeps track of credit and debt."
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Why Credit Sesame?

Get graded on important credit factors, plus your free score
See how you score on the most important credit factors and get your free score from TransUnion updated every month
Understand your best next steps with a free credit strategy
Get personalized tips on how to manage your credit and loans, based on your credit profile and goals
Know your best options
Know if you are overpaying on credit card and loan interest, and see your best options to save money
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Why is your score important?

A better score qualifies you for lower interest rates, which will save you money when you:
Purchase a car
Take out a loan
Apply for a credit card
Rent or buy a home

Responsible credit card use increases your score

Stay below 30% of your limit
Use your cards regularly
Make debt payments on time
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